Upcoming Events


On Saturday, June 7th Faith United Methodist Church in Twinsburg will sponsor a free Christian music concert featuring local praise teams and Christian artists. Starting at noon, food will be available for purchase. The music will start a 12:30 PM and continue until 9:00 PM. A silent auction will run throughout the day. All proceeds from the food and auction will benefit Warming the Hearts, which provides fleece blankets to those in need of Christian love in hospitals, senior centers, and nursing facilities. Christian artists performing will include: Servant Heart, Solon UMC, Twinsburg UMC, Vineyard of Parma Heights, Medina UMC, Gail Mangeri, Sanctuary of Praise, and more.

Join us at Faith United Methodist Church (on Post Rd. near the water tower) on June 7th for great music, great food and fellowship. 


2 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. Karen Imbrogno Says:

    Faith United Methodist- Warming the Hearts Event- June 7th
    Hello all,
    Saturday June 7th, was one of the most exiciting days ever, for the project Warming the Hearts. Faith United Methodist Church and the Twinsburg community came together for an amazing day. It was a day fillled with music, food, silent auctions items, amazing people, and an amazing church. I have never witnessed such incredible sacrafices as each and everyone of these people made to make it happen. With the help of so many and endless days and nights, we were able to raise a couple of thousand dollars. God was with us and watched over this amazing event. He and everyone there knew the goodness it would bring to so many. Special thanks to everyone at Faith United Methodist Church in Twinsburg, Mike (Twinsburg Family Pizza) and all the businesses all over that donated auction items, food, tables, etc. to this amazing cause. Because of all of these people, we will be able to cover Ronald Mcdonald House, Rainbow Babies and Children’s hospital, and Metro. This is going to be a big year. This is just the start. Thank you to all the wonderful people at United Methodist Church of Twinsburg for seeing the good that this project will bring to others and believing in such a wonderful program. God Bless,
    Karen & Ashley Imbrogno

  2. Steven R Says:

    This was an incredibly blessed event. We were honored to sponsor this concert for this amazing charity, and look forward to doing it again. We were all deeply moved by Ashley and her project, and know that she’s doing God’s work.

    God bless you!

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